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Interfoam 25th Anniversary

Interfoam Limited started trading in 1992 and is now one of the major flexible PU foam moulders in the UK.
Primarily we are moulders of Flexible Polyurethane Foam Seating Components. From our modern 80,000 sq. ft plant located in Kempston, Bedfordshire, we supply the Office and Domestic Furniture Industries, along with the Aircraft, Medical, Automotive, Construction and Transport Industries through our growing customer base.


We have various production lines with modern high pressure foam dispensing machines and carousels, carrying both aluminium and resin (GRP) tooling. We also operate a prototype line for development work. 2012 sees Interfoam Limited move into our newly refurbished 48,000 sq. ft premises and head office.

Interfoam Limited is accredited with BS EN 9001 and ISO TS16949 and maintains a strict attitude to quality control to ensure that this accreditation is maintained, with the help of our on-site laboratory.

Interfoam Limited operates an environmental management system and has been accredited with BS EN 14001 since 2007.

Interfoam Limited aims to conduct all its business activities in a sustainable manner and is therefore committed to a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility which is over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements, to address both its own competitive interests and the interests of the wider society.

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement we carry out extensive development work to bring into production environmentally friendly products using the latest technology. This includes the use of raw materials from renewable and sustainable sources to meet customer needs.

Interfoam, The story so far...

Interfoam Ltd was founded in 1992 and was based for the first 16 months in Kettering, in the back of a small unit owned by the then co owner, operating one machine and one tool. After a split with this business partner over the move to Kempston, Carmen was forced to finance a buyout at his own risk and move in to unit 16 Ronald close from January 1994 on a five year lease, at this time we had 3 just employees.

Within 5 years we had purchased unit 15 and two years later unit 16 to cope with the growing customer base we had achieved through our reputation for quality and service. The company had expanded significantly with some 20 employees now on the books.
In 2002 we celebrated 10 years in an extravagant way with many of the people who had been involved with the business in varying capacities, from employees.

After 10 years of growth and success Interfoam had grown to a trusted nationwide supplier, Supplying many different foam systems to different industries up and down the country. We now had around 100 employees and also purchased unit 25 to manage this growth , in 2006. After this period of growth we lost a lot of work to government subsidised companies and had to close unit 25 with a loss of 25 jobs, this was about 20% of our overall business. This was a major blow to the business and caused us to rethink our strategy and stabilise the business. After dusting ourselves off we started to rebuild the business again and by  2008 we had 75 employees. The business was thriving again. Then in 2008/09 the Credit crunch Financial disaster hit everyone and turnover dropped by 30 % for about 18 months. The company was forced to dramatically reduce staffing levels and work shorter hours and weeks. After riding this storm with a strategic emphasis on surviving such a down turn, by 2011 we had recovered and purchased more units to handle the increase in work that returned with 80 employees once again filling the factory floors.

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